London, January 27th 2021

Authors Collective drops its quarterly refresh of primary market contemporary art with an entirely new selection on the ANONYM’ART digital Showspace

Quarterly Refresh ANONYM'ART / press release illustration

Authors Collective announces its latest collection of contemporary artworks exclusively available through the ANONYM’ART Showspace, with highly curated art featured online from the 27th of January, 2021.

Authors Collective announced today the launch of a fresh new selection of primary market contemporary art on its digital Showspace ANONYM’ART, unveiling the science behind the visually resonating ensemble of highly curated artworks.

The ANONYM’ART Showspace is the first and only online offering globally which was entirely constructed following the human neurobiological anatomy and visual perception processes to create an entirely different experience of art on a digital medium; to elevate the encounter of new primary market art on a device screen and render it as close as possible to a real-life experience.

The very architecture of the ANONYM’ART Showspace is based on cognitive neuroscience research on perceptual systems, especially vision, with a focus on the interconnection between sensory-modalities and emotional connective pathways which trigger perceptual experiences strong and rich enough to generate memory imprints in human minds.

This innovative feat has been achieved by retro-engineering the biological processes involved in the live experience of viewing a piece of art in situ: the reflexes generated in the eye, optical nerves and visual cortex have been translated into the construction and navigation of the ANONYM’ART Showspace, so as to induce an experience as close as possible to a real-life viewing in the experiencer’s brain and psyche, bespoke for a digital medium through the prism of a device screen.

The human visual system’s reactions to the visual aspects of a live experience are built on automatic and unconscious biological processes, and are very different to that obtained by the intermediary of a device screen, where the eyes and visual system are more lazy and less alert. Viewing art or any other type of contents on the screen of a device inherently provides a poorer experience, resulting in only limited memory imprint and emotional engagement with the contents presented. To challenge this norm and take the brain by the hand to bring about a vivid and multi-faceted reaction in the several neural pathways and their correlates was the challenge.

Hence, the ANONYM’ART Showspace is not just another aesthetic proposition on how to present art beautifully; it is a purely science-based algorithm to induce an optimised visual and psychophysical experience of artworks through a digital medium, building on the studies and empirical theories of vision, perceptual illusions and cognitive neuroscience research of the last decades.

The ANONYM’ART Showspace is truly the first website in the history of internet to be built in such an optimised way, setting the scene for each original artwork to reveal their unique accents and intricacies before our eyes as the contrasts ebb and flow with the visual context and cues in constant flux – echoeing the majestic serendipity and impermanence of real-life experience of art in situ.

Navigating the ANONYM’ART Showspace is an invitation to take the time to browse, relax, take in the beauty and click on artwork details that catch the eye to unveil the whole artwork on a classic white background – along with the title, as well as the year, medium and size.

Once on that screen, the piece can be revealed at an extraordinary level of detail by clicking on the piece again, and expand it to a bigger size, which on a smartphone provides a real tactile dynamic as the artwork can then be scaled up manifold to detect even the brushstrokes.

The ANONYM’ART Showspace gives center stage to abstract contemporary paintings and artworks to offer a universally appealing selection for neophytes and aficionados alike; to come back to the classical gesture of a hand painting on a canvas, hence directing attention on the sheer beauty and simplest expression of contemporary art.

The many ANONYM’ART Showspaces with their different ambiances are designed to be ever-changing, as they appear in variable configurations and in constantly renewed order. One can always browse the full selection by clicking “next Showspace”, in the upper right corner, several times. All the Showspaces are crafted according to purely visual harmonies and present different facets of feelings, emotions and sensations, and the random and non-controlled iteration of the Showspaces is meant to replicate the serendipity that is so beautiful in real life, where one can discover an object of desire, then lose it from sight, only to have an explosion of joy when one finds it again.

Revealing, more than ever, the unique power of the science and the true relevance of a deep understanding of the human biology and visual systems to bring about an optimal visual first encounter with original contemporary artworks, the ANONYM’ brand throught its ANONYM’ART Showspace and global footprint has already become a true one-stop shop for acquisition of primary market contemporary art from and to around the globe, opening the golden gates to a new era in the flow and trade of the most elevated form of human creativity.

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