London, October 13th 2020

Authors Collective launches new contemporary art digital Showspace ANONYM’ART

ANONYM'ART SHOWSPACE / press release illustration

Authors Collective announces the global launch of a new contemporary art Showspace ANONYM’ART, offering highly curated art never seen this way before; authentically born into the digital world.

Authors Collective announced today the launch of its global contemporary art Showspace under the brand ANONYM’ART. This groundbreaking initiative consists of highly curated art pieces shown for the very first time to the public, born into the digital world. Contemporary art supplied by well-renowned galleries globally and world-class artists, all artworks featured on the ANONYM’ART Showspace can only be discovered and experienced online. Unavailable to view in any physical location, whether the artists’ studios or galleries, the ANONYM’ART Showspace proposes a truly exclusive digital encounter with fresh new contemporary art pieces. This inaugural launch offering constitutes the first wave release of new primary market contemporary art from living artists, and only available for acquisition via the ANONYM’ART Showspace.

A hybrid between an online private sale and a highly curated show, the ANONYM’ART Showspace is ushering a more sustainable art ecosystem with its exclusive, optimised “studio-to-wall” process, where collectors and buyers no longer need to travel physically to discover a piece, learn more about it, acquire it and receive it to their final chosen destination for an authentically exclusive first physical encounter: welcoming home a virgin piece of untouched and unspoilt contemporary art.

The ANONYM’ART Curation team is working around the clock to provide a constantly refreshed selection, with full renewal of artworks and artists unveiled every quarter – in syntony with the market rhythms of today. ANONYM’ART brings fresh art from the best galleries to you in one seamless art trade route from the artist brush strokes to the comfort of your designated address for delivery, and first live experience in situ.

The new ANONYM’ART Showspace encompasses the classic canons of the viewing experience of contemporary art, all the while elevating the journey to an innovative path in the digital realm, connecting artist studio to home onto an entirely new level; ensuring all our purchasers and collectors are at the center of attention with our bespoke service adapted to their every need and requirement. While the seasoned art lover will no doubt recognise some of their favorite artists, ANONYM’ART introduces a playful approach to show artworks without immediately revealing the signature, price or gallery, to maintain the focus on the artwork itself, its intrinsic quality and inherent value. All such details being disclosed upon enquiry to support the journey towards a fully informed acquisition for each and every piece.

A unique new pipeline to the market, ANONYM’ART is an add-on facility for galleries and artists to show their work while gaining access to a worldwide basin of established collectors and institutions. A truly bespoke one-stop shop to discover new artists’ universes and languages, art world veterans and newcomers alike are welcomed to follow the lead of their visual perception and trust their aesthetic intuition. Beyond words, concepts, and brands, art is experienced with no interference, guided personally by a dedicated curator from discovery to attraction, in-depth presentation and selection, and onwards from negotiation, to transaction and shipping – all in one enlightening experience.

The ANONYM’ART brand is a welcome addition to the contemporary art world, promoting art in its purest form, art for its own sake: the absolute value of art.

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