welcome to anonym’!

introducting the anonym’art showspace; a daring and innovative initiative created as a bespoke vessel for experiencing art in the digital era; art never seen this way before;

anonym’ is your destination for discovering guest curated art exhibitions, on track to building the most prestigious selection of primary market contemporary artworks exclusively accessible here, on our proprietary anonym’art digital showspace;

the anonym’art showspace is dedicated to new releases of contemporary artworks by world-renowned and emerging artists;

the unprecedented anonym’art digital showspace will display a constantly refreshed selection of original artworks from the stars and icons of the art world, in collaboration with their representative art dealers, with artists from across the spectrum of the art community; bringing the spotlight on the art pieces themselves; and introducing wonder and mystery; all exclusively available here, on the anonym’art online virtual exhibition space offering a new and unique visual experience;

an independent global venture in collaboration with some of the most sought-after galleries and artists, as well as legion of trusted art dealers, conaisseurs and renowned collectors on the international scene, anonym’ presents the world with an exceptional, highly curated selection of fresh new contemporary artworks, and showcases this one-of-a-kind art offering as an ensemble on our custom-made anonym’art digital showspace, to captivate collectors and buyers, art connoisseurs and newcomers alike;

a true virtual birth place for pieces of art to be introduced to the market, the anonym’art showspace highlights new works by artists from the most cutting-edge to the most collectible; from the most established to the youngest and upcoming; from the most recognisable and relatable to the most eccentric; from the most famous to the most promising and on the rise; thereby honouring works and pieces from all walks of contemporary art; art in its purest form; so that it may be seen and brought onto the global art scene;

more than a playful contemporary art online format, the anonym’art online virtual exhibition space lays the foundations for a new global industry standard; a tailor-made, exclusively digital approach to experiencing fresh, new artworks in their naked truth, propulsing the art world into groundbreaking territory, and beyond;

your new, exquisite and exclusively digital art exhibition space!