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“LIVING NATURES” a fresh primary market contemporary art digital exhibition curated by BRUNO BLOSSE, director of Loo & Lou Gallery in Paris; the inaugural offering to announce the ANONYM’ART Showspace joint-venture with newly appointed guest artistic director BRUNO BLOSSE.

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Authors Collective is delighted to announce its new partnership with curator and Paris gallerist BRUNO BLOSSE, director of Loo & Lou Gallery; welcoming him on board as guest artistic director of a new joint-venture with the ANONYM’ART Showspace.

Authors Collective launches today the first curated proposition by BRUNO BLOSSE: “LIVING NATURES”, the overarching theme to be explored in depth throughout the course of his long-term collaboration as guest artistic director of the ANONYM’ART Showspace.

Since its inception, the ANONYM’ART Showspace has gone from strength to strength, bringing about global awareness to primary market art while exhibiting contemporary art in a different way within the digital spheres. This unique new access gateway, connecting collectors and galleries around the world to artists and their fresh artworks, proved essential and compelling in these very challenging times.

Founding member of the ANONYM’ART initiative and partner of the first hour, it is with great pleasure that Authors Collective hands BRUNO BLOSSE the reins as guest artistic director of our unique digital exhibition space ANONYM’ART, to propulse it into its next stage in the global world of contemporary art. Together, we now have an unprecedented reach to new markets where contemporary art is not only recognized as an asset class, but also appreciated for its absolute value and intrinsic beauty. Via our distinctive Showspace based on the canons of visual perception and its physiological processes, ANONYM’ART brings about an unmatched experience of contemporary art on a digital medium.

Hence it is only fitting to welcome BRUNO BLOSSE, a curious mind with a deep understanding of the intricacies of bridging cultures on the global and also inter-personal levels, through aesthetic and thematic journeys that are universal, yet invite infinitely many interpretations and inspirations.

Early on, BRUNO BLOSSE was interested by politics, thinking of following in his senator-mayor step-father’s footsteps, but decided to pursue his love for culture and the arts. He first landed a position at the Regional Cultural Affairs for the City of Paris, where he passionately honed his idiosyncratic take on culture in Paris for thirteen years. There, he built his extended networks globally, evolving amongst circles or young and established artists, becoming close to many. It is at this time of his life that he unknowingly lay the ground for his future collaborations with several of these artists. Bruno could also acquire a pragmatic knowledge of of public institutions and some of the most respected establishments of the art world. He then veered towards the private sector, for his first experience as artistic director at the Élysée Biarritz, a Parisian space dedicated to cinema. In the following years, Bruno started to support artists that he discovered through ephemeral exhibitions, and grew to collaborate on several independent exhibition projects with artists such as Georges-Pascal Ricordeau, Dominque Lacloche, to name only a few.

With the intelligence and finesse of a diplomat, the sensitivity and discretion of a confidante, and a trained eye for genuine talent, BRUNO BLOSSE has a rare ability to navigate the public and private institutions that constitute the foundations of the contemporary art world. This unique trajectory following a common thread of meeting of souls and minds led him to take the helm of the Loo & Lou Gallery in Paris since its inception in 2015, following years as artistic director at the Loo & Lou Foundation, founded by couple Aurélie Deguest and Patrice Lucas, a painter and an established business leader in renewable energy, respectively ­— both consummate art lovers.

Unrelenting in his pursuit of the highest quality and purity of intention in all his projects and long-term relationship with artists, colleagues and collectors, BRUNO BLOSSE’s organic journey has always been converging towards the exploration of how humanity and nature are inseparable facets of our experience. By his tireless championing the work of artists with whom he all has a deep and personal connection, Bruno contributes to this age-old tradition of questioning our place in the universe, as well as the nature of the multiple expression of our realities. Bruno’s lifelong pursuit and passion also lays at the heart of the very genesis of the ANONYM’ART Showspace, created to push the boundaries of experience by diving deep at the core of the very nature of our visual perception.

LIVING NATURES is the generic title encompassing the thematics at the heart of the work of the artists chosen for this first proposition. The question of the living and of landscape is approached in various different forms. The cycle of life, dear to Lyrid Arickx and Olivier de Sagazan; the natural landscapes of Jean-Claude Wouters; sometimes imaginary and dreamlike for Olivier de Sagazan and Fred Kleinberg; the drawings and naturalist matrices by Hélène Damville, also a keen observer of the living in both the plant and animal kingdoms; but also the evocation of more abstract and etheral natures by Flo Arnold, and anatomical landscapes by Cedric Le Corf, inspired by the plates of the painter and engraver Gauthier d’Agoty. Hence we begin our exploration of the “living natures” which subtly surround us, deserving an emphasis, a detour, a close-up, through the eyes of these artists – to catch our attention.” – Bruno Blosse

The maiden digital exhibition of our joint-venture series “LIVING NATURES” by guest artistic director BRUNO BLOSSE is now live on the ANONYM’ART Showspaces, with all primary market contemporary artworks featured exclusively available for acquisition, with our studio-to-wall sales and shipping service open worldwide.

We look forward to your visit on the ANONYM’ART Showspace; to your thoughts and enquiries!

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