London, May 27th 2021

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Contemporary Art Museum and Visual Art Center BANDJOUN STATION takes over the ANOMYM’ART Showspace with an exclusive exhibition of fresh contemporary art from Cameroon and Africa, guest curated by world-class artist and Bandjoun Station founder BARTHÉLÉMY TOGUO

Bandjoun Station / press release illustration

All eyes on Cameroon: internationally acclaimed artist Barthélémy Toguo unveils an exclusive curated selection of artworks on the ANONYM’ART Showspace, celebrating artists from his homeland at the heart of Africa, by way of Bandjoun Station.

Founded by artist Barthélémy Toguo, Bandjoun Station is a Contemporary Art Museum and Visual Art Center located on the Western High Plateau in Cameroon. It houses both temporary exhibitions and a permanent collection, as well as providing space for workshops and artist residencies, with both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces promoting a natural flow where art can live and breathe amongst daily local life.

As the meaning of travel and physical distances are being redefined, ANONYM’ART is delighted to join hands with Bandjoun Station and highlight fresh contemporary artworks by living artists from Cameroon and Africa via our global digital Showspace, continuing to build bridges between all continents and to forge a truly welcoming, inclusive and vibrant contemporary art ecosystem worldwide.

“Transcending all obstacles we may encounter – locally, on the African continent, and beyond – it is primordial that we imagine our solutions OURSELVES in all fields of human life, including culture, art and the preservation of our heritage. It is our responsibility and duty to build as many innovative and lively structures to stimulate creation; to establish ambitious projects to elicit and maintain the appetite for culture; to develop sustainable practices and shephard them to fuition.” – Barthélémy Toguo

ANONYM’ART and Bandjoun Station are also honored to be working with leading contemporary art gallery HdM Gallery, Mayfair, London and Beijing, in coordinating this special digital exhibition featuring works by artists Richard LATÉ LAWSON-BODY, Gastineau MASSAMBA MAMINAH, Edwige NDJENG, Abdias NGATEU, TATGEDES, and Barthélémy TOGUO.

HdM Gallery founder and owner Hadrien de Montferrand has just made a special journey to the heart of Cameroon’s villages and artist’s studios to produce and make this stunning curated collection possible, in tandem with Bandjoun Station and our guest curator, celebrated artist Barthélémy Toguo.

“Under the current global conditions, it is truly exciting to be able to virtually transpose a contextually rich experience of contemporary art from a remote African region by way of an appeal to our visual perception and its universal nature via this technological window. I do feel the ANONYM’ART x Bandjoun Station collaboration is very fitting, an inspiring example of what the global scene in contemporary art is moving torwads: more openness and diversity. L’union fait la force.” – Hadrien de Montferrand

Join us on our journey into Bandjoun Station, Cameroon, Africa and contemporary art, exclusively on the ANONYM’ART Showspace!

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